June – Photo of the Month

We have a few pictures in mind for June photo of the month.  Which one would you choose?


10 responses to “June – Photo of the Month

  1. Definitely the solstice sunset. Your photos are fantastic and give an amazing picture of Tusrkish life etc.

  2. Annette newton

    Tried to click on again as I still don’t get your news page,I have reposted my e mail the reply says you have sent one but not getting to me.hope you both ok.we are back in the uk now awful summer.

    • Not sure what we can do to help. The site automatically sends the emails. Could they be going into your junk/spam filter or a Firewall? Do you have Facebook? We do post to our Facebook and you could link from there.

  3. So glad to find your wonderful blog, love its name – I almost put pul biber everything too!!:) What lovely photos, and my vote goes to towards Cunda from Seytan Sofrasi. Thank you for giving a link to my blog, I will gladly give one to yours too:) Selamlar, Ozlem

  4. I vote for solstice sunset too 😀

  5. Towards Cunda for me. Bit fed up with sunsets.

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