Selçuk Pazar – Photographs

For a variety of reasons we did not have much shopping to do on market today.  It gave as an opportunity to behave like annoying tourists getting in the way of people doing their weekly food shopping.  So we wandered around, bought a few things such as beach shoes, a sarong, cherries and lemons and took lots of photographs.

It was a different experience from our normal market shopping.  We were quoted prices we would not pay for stuff we did not want.  At the same time when we wanted something we stopped being tourists and got the price we expected.  Prices for clothes, shoes and related items are higher this time of year, speaking some Turkish helps a great deal with avoiding tourist prices, as does avoiding the fake designer labels and other stuff priced in Euros.  There are of course bargains to be had, and even the designer stuff is not really expensive.

The food remains plentiful and inexpensive, fresh produce in season, with very minimal tractor miles. We buy almost all of our food from the market.


6 responses to “Selçuk Pazar – Photographs

  1. Great photos Happy memories for me. I love Selçuk market.

  2. Turkish markets are one of the best, most colourful photo opportunities around.

    • Normally we are too busy shopping to make the most of the photo opportunity. It was good to take the opportunity when it came our way, to see the market in a different way.

  3. I love markets usually but I’m being defeated by the heat, so I do a very early morning run in and out grabbing just essentials. When I’m out of Turkey in the next weeks I will miss all the fresh fruit and veg.

    • We do enjoy the markets, whatever the weather. It was tough when we were there in a downpour but that seems a long time ago now. The fresh fruit and vegetables are a major part of the appeal for us. OK, they take a bit more work to prepare than what we used to get in the UK, but they are worth every minute (and we quite enjoy podding peas outside)..

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