Learning to fly – Driving Licence – Episode 1

I went with a friend to start the process of getting a Turkish driving licence.   I borrowed a scooter which was a fun way to get around the town centre, quicker than walking and a small amount of cooling effect.  We went to the local office of the şoförler ve otomobilciler federasyonu to collect the sürücü belgesi dosya, a file of forms which cost 25 lira.  Some of these I need to fill out and some I don’t since I am not applying for a new licence but to convert my UK one to a Turkish one.  Then took my UK licence to be photocopied and left the copies for a translator – I should get the translated copy in a day or so, it then needs to be notarised.

Meanwhile as we were heading through town we saw a baby stork exercising its wings suddenly lose contact with its nest.  The attempt at controlled flight was fairly inept, as was the less controlled crash into a tree across the road.  It did not fall out of the tree so I can only assume it found a perch.  Parents will find it, feed it, and it will get better at flying.  Flight test – fail.

We then went to the local polyclinic to enquire about the health test I need.  I think this is pretty basic, blood test, eye test and maybe one or two other things.  I need to go back with two photographs, residence permit and kimlik number and they will do the test and provide the completed health test paperwork.

Later the translator called to clarify a few issues and wanted to see the original licence, and said the translated and notarised copy would be ready to be collected from the noter at 10.00 on Monday.  I should be able to get the health test done at the same time since the polyclinic is around the corner from the noter.  This is progress, there will still be lots of forms, offices and bureaucracy to navigate, which sometimes feels like learning to fly.


4 responses to “Learning to fly – Driving Licence – Episode 1

  1. Don’t forget to ask for bike licence to be included. Interesting that you were charged 25 lira for the forms. I wasn’t charged anything and given only the form I needed.

    • Mine is a UK bike licence so I think bikes will be included. I certainly hope so. We went through all the categories with the translator, motorcycle, tricycle and quad bike so it should all be OK.

  2. . . bureaucracy – you need to be like that stork and make out the wood from the trees 😀

    • We both worked for the NHS so are no strangers to bureaucracy. Hilary is better at it than me, but then she was a bureaucrat. I just used to say yes and then do what I wanted anyway.

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