On seasons

Here in Selçuk the weather is heating up.  We’ve noticed that people here complain of the cold when it’s less than 20 degrees and hot when it’s over 35.  This leaves a ‘comfort zone’  pretty close to our own.

Saturday and Sunday were very, very hot.  So hot that we didn’t feel like doing anything other than sitting in the coolest room with the fans on.  Not really possible as chores and shopping have to be done.  The market was OK on Saturday but, in the afternoon, when we went to Kuşadası Motofest hoping for a cooling breeze when travelling at speed.  What we experienced was  heat rising up from the tarmac.

The last couple of days have felt a little cooler – probably due to a slight breeze and lower humidity.  Whatever the cause, it’s been far less uncomfortable.  It does get very hot here, but it doesn’t seem to stay uncomfortably hot for very long at a time.  We anticipate daytime maxima of mid to high thirties for the next three months, though some days will be cooler, and dropping to mid to low twenties at night.  We can sleep in that without resorting to air conditioning.

The night before the summer solstice  we watched the sun setting as we ate dinner.  It set just to the South of the Castle.  We doubt if it will be all the way behind the castle tonight and then it will start moving back to where it was in winter.


4 responses to “On seasons

  1. . . great tip from Turkish friend who says she showers, lays a towel on the bed and finds the evaporation cools her enough to get to sleep. J and I also use a spray bottle to good effect (and no rude comments)!

    • It has been cool enough to sleep, by midnight the temperature is down to less than 25 which is fine. Thanks for the tip – cool showers also help.

  2. It’s strange weather for June. Too hot by 5 degrees C. We had rain last night.

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