Adventures with Digiturk

We phoned Digiturk late Wednesday afternoon to inquire about getting TV services, the process was easy, press 9 for English language assistance, we then got a most helpful service who took our details.  We were told someone would call back to discuss with us what specific TV services we wanted and then someone would call to arrange installation.

The next day we received that call, we opted for the basic package plus some added English language material.  Needless to say we were offered more, but these were declined.  We  might add some more football at a later stage but for now this will suffice.  We received a second call, in Turkish, to tell us the installation people would come to install the equipment on Friday morning.

Friday morning we had another phone call to confirm the visit.  At 10.30 they arrived, fitted the equipment, gave us a walk-through of how the box and controller work, and filled out the contract.  All done and dusted by 11.30.  We can watch Discovery Channel in Turkish or change it back to the original language at will.  We can get movies on pay per view and we think we can get those in either language with or without subtitles, though this has yet to be attempted.

After they left, Hilary went online to sign up for their online services.  We can now pay our bill on the Internet (much more convenient than queuing up in the post office) and probably set it up to be paid automatically.  This does need some knowledge of Turkish.

Next we shall discover how easy it is to add a channel (so Ashley can watch English Premier League).

The whole process took than 48 hours, we were kept informed and the service was faultless.

We understand that terminating the service is very frustrating, but hope we won’t have to worry about that for a long, long time.


4 responses to “Adventures with Digiturk

  1. . . good luck, guys! Binned them in utter frustration 3 years ago after being a customer for 10 years!

    • We knew you had been in Turkey for much longer than us though more than 10 years came as a bit of a surprise.
      Will see how we go with Digiturk, for now it is good to have some TV, and it is inexpensive compared to Sky.

  2. I have had months of battling digiturk, trying only to cancel the second box I had installed for my father’s visit last September. One phone call to set it up, and pretty much a refusal on their part to stop the service. Multiple phone calls asking me why I’m canceling the second box ‘Err, pa left last October…’ and then a refusal to accept the box even when I took it to their office. Grrr…..

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