Recycling a House

Some weeks ago work started on demolishing a house across the street from us.  First of all everything removable was removed.  Absolutely everything, when finished there was nothing but walls, floor and roof.  We guess much of it was sold or recycled, wire, asbestos, ceramics, window frames, metalwork, wood, it was all taken away.

Then the demolishing started.  Initially this was guys on the flat roof with lump hammers.  They knocked the concrete roof through, leaving the metalwork in place.  This took a couple of days.  Then the metal was all cut out, and carted away, presumably for a good price.

The next step was knocking down all the walls.  Between the concrete supports was brickwork, the bricks were all knocked out , cleaned up a little and piled to one side.  Over subsequent days the bricks were loaded into trailers and carted away.  Then we assume a JCB was used to knock down the concrete framework, we missed what exactly happened, but there was at the end of the process more metal being recycled.

Eventually all that was left was rubble and some fairly substantial pieces of concrete.  We pitied the immediate neighbours who were living next door to all of this.  One of them had clearly used the abutting wall as part of their home, so they now had a huge empty space were a wall was.  With all the dust and rubble pretty much all they could do was hang a tarpaulin and wait.  It must have been awful for them.

As we were leaving to go to Ayvalık another JCB arrived.  We thought to ourselves that we had picked a very good time to go away.  When we got back the remains of the house were gone, there was nothing left, just flat ground.  The immediate neighbours had bought some new bricks and a load of cement.  They now have a new wall, have been working on this for the last couple of days.

We guess that at some point building will start on the new house.  The word is that permission has been given for a two story house, so consistent with the street, and will not block the view from our roof terrace.  Of course we will have to wait and see what really gets built.  Of note is that during the demolishing virtually everything other than concrete rubble got sold and recycled.  We would not be surprised if somewhere along the line the rubble got sold and used for something.


2 responses to “Recycling a House

  1. It comes as no surprise that everything was recycled. The Turks waste nothing do they? And have you found that you do the same since you moved here? I certainly do. We seem to be able to find a use for all the things I would have discarded when I lived in the UK

    • Back in the UK we use to shove things we did not want in the various boxes for recycling. Here we can do similar, leave stuff by the bins and it will get recycled. We reuse more things here and discard far less as a result. Paper and cardboard are stored for winter, we have recycled a bookcase into shelving and plan to do this to another, and so on. Being retired so having the time and energy to be able to do this helps a lot, but it is also what is done here, so yes, we are far less wasteful.

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