Free as a bird, wet as a whale

We have just returned from a short trip to Ayvalık.  We had a fantastic time doing holiday things – sightseeing, shopping, eating balık and drinking rakı and beer.  We had a birthday and an anniversary to celebrate…

But the ride there was a reminder of just how much fun you can have on a motorcycle.  We misinterpreted the weather forecast which threatened ‘a few showers’.  We went through two ‘showers’.  There were no drops of rain, there were great long spears of rain.  Within seconds we were both soaked to the skin and had to stop as Ashley couldn’t see the road ahead.  The first stop was by the side of the road near the Torbalı turnoff.  No shelter there – but plenty of spray from passing trucks.  The second stop was by the toll station at Izmir.  There, at least, we found some shelter and the company of a couple of very pleasant Turkish bikers.

When the rain slackened we headed off in saturated clothes and made Ayvalık in good time, a little later than anticipated as we’d been stopped by rain for more than an hour in total.  With the exception of footware and feet, by the time we arrived, we were pretty well dry.  The clothes in the barrel bag were not – though they soon dried out in our hotel room.  Fortunately the notebook, important paperwork, cameras and mobile phones survived the downpours.

The road north of Izmir, from Izmir to Aliağa is probably one of the least pretty roads in Turkey, note to selves, we need to find an alternative route.  Suggestions from anyone in the know are welcome.

Ayvalık more than made up for the uninspiring and wet journey.  It never ceases to amaze us how soon the discomfort of being soaked to the skin is forgotten once the sun comes out again.  Well the sun, excellent food, beer and rakı, and views like this.  We’ll do the rest of the photos later.


6 responses to “Free as a bird, wet as a whale

  1. . . since when did bikers comment on discomfort? 😀

    • I will not comment on the discomfort of being soaked.. Neither will I comment on the white smooth feet (enforced pedicure) from being soaked inside boots for 4 hours.

  2. I miss our motorbike and envy you your trips. Sounds like you had a fabulous time x

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