Mulberry Sauce

Our neighbour very kindly gave us a large bowl full of mulberries, dut in Turkish.  These were of the white variety, in our view not as tasty as the red or black ones which make really nice jam.  We did consider trying to make jam with them but in the end thought better of it.  We thought about making some sort of fruit cordial but without very fine filtration it would remain cloudy so rejected that idea.  So we thought why not turn them into a fruit sauce, the sort that could be used to glaze meat or added to stews.  We tested out the result as a glaze for chicken along with some pul biber and the result was delicious.

The recipe
None of the quantities are in the least bit critical.
Wash large bowl full of mulberries, a kilo or so, and put into a pan along with a small quantity of water.  Bring to the boil and simmer in a closed pan for an hour or so, until all the fruit has gone soft.  Pour the berries and liquid into a sieve and crush the berries to obtain as much liquid as possible.  Strain through a finer sieve.   Return the liquid to a pan, add some lemon juice and sugar, we used juice of one lemon and half a tablespoon of sugar to approximately a kilo of fruit.  Reduce the liquid by 75% or more.  Bottle and store until needed.

Locally the raw syrup would be reduced down further, and thickened to the consistency of molasses.  This would be dut pekmez.

Our neighbour has a whole tree full of white mulberries so if anyone has any good recipes or things to do with them….   It would be appreciated.


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  1. annette newton

    hope you are both ok please send me your adventures look forward to them.we are out on Thusday cant wait aful weather here take annette

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