One more day out and heading home

We have pretty much now covered our trip to the southwest of Turkey, all that really remains is the day trip out to Xanthos and Letoon.  Both were interesting and very easy to get to from Gelemiş

We wandered around the back of the hill at Xanthos where there are some interesting tombs.  Then visited the theatre and the more commonly touristed parts.  There was a tour going on in German, commenting that the British stole some stones which are now in London, the rest is cared for in Berlin.  I don’t think we were meant to understand, it was amusing, we said nothing.  We used to go to the British Museum reasonably regularly so it was good to once again see where things came from and put them in context.

Letoon was, as expected, far quieter, and oddly more expensive to enter.  A ticket for Letoon was 8 Lira one for Xanthos was 5 Lira.  The site was very peaceful, and of course small, the theatre, and the three temples dedicated to Leto, and her children, Artemis and Apollo.  There were also a couple of bits of mosaic, and possibly some more than had been covered with a protective cloth and backfilled with gravel.

This concluded our visits to Lycian sites.  We did spend part of a day canoeing down the river, part of an organised thing.  It was fun, we did not capsize, but there are no photos.  After events in Guatemala when we trashed a good digicam when messing about in a canoe we thought better of taking a camera with us.

On the way home to Selçuk we stopped just before Sakar Pass, Hilary grabbed the digicam which we set on video mode for the ride up the pass(over on youtube if anyone is interested).  The views get very impressive.  Nearer home, between Çine and Aydin, after having passed a load of nice looking köfte places the heavens opened.  We took shelter in a lokanta attached to a petrol station, had meat with rice, and bread and salad.  Perfectly adequate, inexpensive and nice.   We took our time, loitered for an hour or so, until the rain went away.


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