Köyceğiz – the photos

The weather was being rather erratic when we got to Köyceğiz.  We got most of the way there in the dry and then it started to rain.  We found a place to stay despite much of the village not really being open, still early in the season.  The Tango Pension was welcoming and the staff helpful.  It remained showery, particularly in the evenings throughout our stay.  Köyceğiz is a pretty village, very quiet compared to nearby Dalyan.  The pleasant waterfront is currently having its paving relaid in marble and mosaic with a soft bit for running – nearly finished and looking good.  The village has a few restaurants and bars, mostly lining the lake front, and places to stay.  It made a good base for going to Kaunos and had enough to keep us busy.  If it had been warmer we might have considered a boat trip – a lot of places around the lake can only be reached by boat – still, something for next time, perhaps.

Our sort of place really.

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5 responses to “Köyceğiz – the photos

  1. . . one of the most underated holiday places in Turkey – mind you, you should have seen it a few months ago during the storms when the town was underwater!

  2. Very nice photos……

  3. Lovely photos. Shame about the weather. Definitely a place to visit.

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