Conquest of Dune

We found a track above the big resort hotel in Gelemiş that follows the ridge towards Patara beach.  We were not sure where it would come out, hopeful of some good views of the more than 20 kilometers of sand.  The gravel track wide enough for cars and used by them ended up above the huge dunes looking down at the beach.  The view was spectacular.  Even better was footprints in the sand heading down – far too good to resist.

It was a long way down and then we had to pick our way through lower dunes and scrub to the beach.  The sand was hot, in July and August protective footwear would be needed, sandals would be a very bad idea.
In the sand through the dunes were many tracks.  There were some fresh tracks of some faırly large snakes.  The thump of our steps probably disturbing them so none were seen.  We did not try planting a thumper to attract the worm.  We passed safely.

We came back the easy way, a couple of miles along the beach, wading in the sea at times for the cooling effect, and then the road back past the ruins of Patara to Gelemiş.


4 responses to “Conquest of Dune

  1. You seem to be having an enviable time……The photos look superb.

  2. . . no Spice, either or you’d be out there navigating the stars!

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