One bike, two bike, red bike, blue bike

We decided it would be fun to borrow a couple of the push bikes the pension here has available for guests.  It is early in the season, the pension is only just starting to open and the bikes had not been made ready for use.  We managed to find two that were mostly servicable, the essential beıng the tires remained inflated. We had two brakes, one bike had an operational front brake the other an operational rear brake.  Both bikes had 15 gears (in theory), both had one gear which worked.  So we had two bıkes, two brakes and two gears, perfect!

Neither of us had ridden a push bike at any time in the last 20 years.  It all came back fairly quickly and, after a few initial wobbles we were off!  We got about a quarter of the way around the lake;  this was initially flat, then gently uphill, so gentle that we didn’t realise until we discovered how much easier it was on the way back.  The last stretch was a 1:10 – we walked some of that then discovered that the steep upwards section went on for quite a few more miles.  So after a couple of photos  we turned back, stopping for a very delicious pomegranite juice along the way.  Coming back down the steep hill is where the limited brakes came into their own, fun, but we made it down safely.

We are fine now, as long as we remember not to sit still for too long – ankles, wrists and knees still have some tendency to freeze up.  But we are sure it was good for us – it was fun and we got some amazing views.

In case we haven’t mentioned, took a roadtrip.  Currently in Köyceğiz.


2 responses to “One bike, two bike, red bike, blue bike

  1. there are three islands of any size in the lake – the one in your photo and another almost directly opposite have ruins of Orthodox chaples/retrears on them.

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