May Wildlife

We’ve already written about the walks we took last week but we concentrated on the orienteering and the scenery.  Needless to say we saw lots of wonderful wildlife.  On the Sunday we saw quite a few of these little lizards.  Not sure what they are but we think they might be Snake Eye lizards.  We’re pretty sure we saw the Saker Falcons again.  Never close or clear enough to get photos.  There are more and more butterflies and the grasshoppers are back with us.
We aren’t very good at identifying flowers.  The little purple ones are very pretty and the yellow ones are what gives the air this time of year that marvellous scent (mixed with the smell of calomile and pine).


4 responses to “May Wildlife

  1. . . good call on the lizard; the butterfly is a False Apollo; hopper is a Dark Bush Cricket; blue flower is Campanula lingulata and the yello flower is not clear enough for me to call. It’s a wonderful country, isn’t it?

    • It is indeed wonderful. And we are very near you at the moment – spending a few nights in Köyceğiz! Moving on to Patara later this week. Sadly no decent image processing software on the travelling machine so photos will have to wait.

  2. The Turkish wild flowers are what we buy to put in our patio pots every Summer.
    ps The yellow flower looks a bit like wild mustard but I’m not sure what that smells like.

    • So many of our garden plants origınated in Turkey. This was something we noticed when we had season tickets to Kew Gardens! We get wild lupins here and many sorts of wild geraniums and wild cyclamen. I don`t think the yellow flower is mustard. We get wild mustard on the market for eating. Not sure what it is though.

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