Nothing is ever simple

We have heard it stated that when dealing with bureaucracy in Turkey it is never simple.  It is often a long and complicated process as we found out with sorting our Residence, buying a home, buying a bike, importing our stuff and a whole host of other things we have got through.  On the whole we are good at dealing with this sort of thing, we both worked in a large bureaucracy, this helps.  We have learned not to be impatient – being retired it is easy not to feel we have to hurry.  Officials here take their time, they try to get things right, to do things by the book.

So we packed up our Tapu (title deed), Residence Permits, tax numbers, bank details and anything else we could think of to make an attempt to pay our Belidiye (Council) tax.  We expected the whole thing to be complex and time consuming.  Imagine our surprise.  We walked into the Belidiye offices, told an official we wanted to pay our Belidiye Tax, were directed to the right desk, queued for less than 5 minutes, showed the Tapu, within seconds we were told how much to pay, which we did, got a receipt, and left.  The entire process took less than 10 minutes and could not have been simpler.   We expected it to be significantly less than the council tax we were paying in the UK.  It was considerably less than we expected.

We are not expecting the next planned task to be so simple.  Ashley is planning to get his driving licence converted to a Turkish one.


2 responses to “Nothing is ever simple

  1. I always find paying out is easier than recouping where ever you are in the world.

    • True. I (Ashley) spent a good part of my old day job in the UK in and out of various civic centres in London. Usually wanting someone there to do something, but even when it was simply to pay a bill there would invariably be a long queue and sometimes forms to fill out, I guess I had expected something similar, along with the usual grim personality behind a glass partition. .

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