Cause and Effect


We went out and bought a barbeque.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Summer is coming, the evenings are pleasantly warm.  There are, however,  various fundamental laws of the universe, Boyles Law, Sods Law and the rest.  We were reminded of these fundamental laws.  Within minutes of buying the barbeque this happened, accompanied later by bright flashes and bangs.  The following evening when we even dared to think about cooking and eating outside, more of the same.



2 responses to “Cause and Effect

  1. . . you reap what you sow. Sow barbeques and you reap the wirlwind! Back in the days of multiple gods, people understood these things.

    • Indeed it is a fundamental law of the Universe. Not sure about the whirlwind but, whilst we were out making the purchase one of our favourite plants blew off the terrace and broke, very neatly, across both branches. I guess we now need to appease the gods of gardening and hope that it springs back to life.

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