New Table

Before we left for the UK we found ourselves thinking about new furniture for the roof terrace.  What we wanted was a table and chairs, something for eating and entertaining on.  Ideally something reasonably sturdy, weather proof and not plastic.  We did not find much in Selçuk, so we ended up looking in Kuşadası.  There are loads of places along the Soke road, many specialising in bamboo furniture, there is also Koçtaş (B&Q), and a variety of furniture shops doing mostly interior furnishings but some doing garden and patio lines.  Initially we looked at Koçtaş, easy to do since it can be done online, and familiar.  We looked at some of the bamboo stuff, it was all very light and it gets windy on the terrace, we had visions of furniture flying down the street.

Searching around we came across a really nice, well made, sturdy, hardwood round table and chairs –  a great size, comfortable for 2 to 4 people and will do 6 at a squeeze.  With a little bit of haggling we got the price down only to marginally more than a not vastly dissimilar but more flimsy hardwood dining set from Koçtaş, albeit with four chairs rather than 6, and the table is smaller though a better size for us.  We settled on the price, explained we would be in the UK for a few days, it was agreed we would leave a deposit and when we got back we could call, they would deliver, and we could pay the balance at this time.

Yesterday afternoon we made that call.  We were told they would deliver today.  This morning we had a follow up call at 9am to say they would be with us within 2 hours.  An hour later our furniture arrived and was carried up to the roof terrace for us.   It fitted where it was expected to fit and we think it looks good.  It has certainly been worth shopping around, doing some haggling, and stepping away from the familiarity of UK chains.  Once again we are amazed at the brilliant customer service.

The delivery of new furniture prompted us to finish tidying the roof terrace which has been rather neglected over winter. We started doing some bits a month or so ago, but then stopped for all manner of reasons.  Finished now – ready for summer.  Time for tea and baklava.

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6 responses to “New Table

  1. Annette newton

    It looks so nice,sure you will good use of the table we use our bacony all the time.the bike looks so good as well you must have many admirers

  2. Annette newton

    When you come over to the uk,we have had nothing but bad weather since we came back.!back again in a month and look g forward to the retreat have to get Dali an airport to be picked up for the retreat.hope it’s as nice as it looks. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Gule gule kulan. I’m interested in your pergola. I need to put some shade on our roof but having just had it sealed, don’t want to make any holes in the floor of walls. How is yours fixed?

    • The more flimsy one is fixed to the walls and in part rests on the floor tiles. The more solid structure has those huge wooden beams (old railway sleepers) bolted to low walls, again they rest on the floor tiles, the roof sits on the sleepers at the front and onto a wall at the back. We believe the low walls were present when the roof was sealed and tiled. We have been cautioned not to cut into the floor tiles (not that we would do such a thing anyway). To date we have not had any leaks below so it must all be fairly OK although we have been advised to make sure the walls are well protected – weatherproof paint seems to do the trick. Obviously capping the low walls with marble would be even more effective and is something we might consider at a future point.

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