Bike parts

In London we picked up some parts for the bike, some of which was pre-ordered and waiting for us at Warrs. It was also a good excuse to buy some new summer gloves and one or two trinkets. I wanted a clock and found a nice one which mounted on the handlebars. As ever the staff at Warrs were fantastic and everything I had ordered was waiting for me.

So today we took the bike and parts to Izmir. This involved Hilary going on the bus and carrying the new saddlebags, and me riding the bike. At Has Oto (Izmir HD) we gave them the various parts minus the bling which I had already fitted. New grips because the old ones lacked a great deal of comfort. Saddlebags and the mounting kits including the parts to relocate the rear indicators; these are great the bags detach when they are not needed. We hung around while the parts were fitted, were offered tea, and added a new rear brake pedal which is easier to reach than the old one. Everything was done by early afternoon. Their customer service is brilliant and the bill for mounting all the stuff was very reasonable indeed.

We now have the bike ready for hitting the longer distances. The saddlebags and windshield come off in seconds when we want to do local trips and are there for us when we want them. Already we are thinking of a couple of trips, more on those at a later date. For today we took a less direct route home, towards Çeşme, and then the coast road south, nice in places, some great scenery and at times the air scented with wild flowers.

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