Strangeness in a strange land

We are ın this strange land.  We got on a bus, sat on  it as it went along for more than an hour, nobody brought us tea (or water) and cake.  It seems it is not only acceptable to wear shoes inside a house but considered normal, even on carpets.  It is grey and cold but it is not raining properly, it’s a strange sort of dampness, one that does not soak you to the skin in ten seconds the way that rain does.

It does of course all feel immensely familiar to us.  Red buses, oyster cards, the bustle and noise of the city, and the rest.  In many ways it is familiar, in many ways it also felt odd.  Less odd now after being here a few days, but initially very much so.

But even after a few days…..  They drive on the wrong side of the road – must remember this when crossing roads.  And no bin in the bathroom – the laundry basket is not for the same purpose.


4 responses to “Strangeness in a strange land

  1. Annette newton

    Hi just back from our 4days in turkey .people thought us mad but looking round the air port we weren’t the only ones.back to awful weather .but there we go .hope to come out a month at a time next year,I love turkey but I feel now feel as if my life is spit it to to to x

  2. That will be me in a couple of weeks. It will be hard after all this beautiful weather we’re having in Bodrum.

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