Early Season

On May 1st the dolmuş timetables reverted to summer.  We could stay in Kuşadası till well after dark and still get transport home (assuming we actually wanted to eat out in Kuşadası).  The beach umberellas were coming out and the beach clubs were opening up.
İzmir Airport, on the other hand feels strangely deserted.  It is not a busy airport for the most part but there is hardly anyone here and very little going on.  The internet log in system gave us seats at opposite sides of row 14 – when we handed in our hold baggage, these were swapped for adjacent seats in row 11.  I begin to wonder whether there will be anyone else on our flight.
So for a few days we are swapping the scent of lemon blossom and honeysuckle, and  spring flowers, and pleasant sunshine for what we have heard is a cold and wet UK.

2 responses to “Early Season

  1. Izmir Airport is a strange place, isn’t? A kind of ghost airport. If only Gatwick were the same!

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