Our First Roadtrip on the new bike

Our first roadtrip on the new bike was almost cancelled when the Harley developed an intermittent electrical fault in the middle of Selçuk (always the trickiest kind).  Fortunately it decided to correct itself when we tried to demonstrate it to an auto electrician and we headed off to Bodrum.  Despite the extensive roadworks around lake Bafa, it was an easy and pleasant trip.  We stopped off just past the lake for a couple of glasses of tea and arrived in Bodrum in the early afternoon.

We’d booked into the Hotel Atrium on the Internet.  It was clearly a small package tour hotel (and, we discovered, in the package tour area of town) but this early in the season this presented no problem.  It was quiet.  The hotel was clean and the staff were charming and helpful, and it was incredibly good value for money.

We headed off into town to meet up with some fellow bloggers.  Chatted over a beer.

Later on we enjoyed a beer or two in a beach bar, watching the sunset before indulging in an excellent fish dinner at Körfez Restaurant (as recommended by our friend).  We thought it would be quite expensive but it was only about 10 lira more a head than we often spend when we eat out in Selçuk.

The following day we ‘did the Castle’.  We spent a very happy and engrossed five hours wandering round the various exhibits and just soaking up the atmosphere of the place.  If it has a fault it’s that it tries to do too much.  And, of course, it has seen so many uses.  The underwater archaeology aspects of the museum are fascinating but we felt it lost a bit of the ‘Crusader Fortress’ feel (in comparison with places like Faro, Valletta and Acco).  The situation and the view of the bay did, however, make up for a lot.

Impression of Bodrum as a whole?  A pleasant and fairly up-market Aegean resort town.  Very pretty and quite flat (yes, we only walked up and down the sea front).  More expensive than many other resort towns in Turkey, but with a little bit of care not ridiculously so.  Lively in the evenings, a quiet place to drink is difficult to find after sunset.

Would we go again?  Only to meet up with people, or to explore some of the smaller archaeological sites in the area, or for ferries to Rhodes.



10 responses to “Our First Roadtrip on the new bike

  1. I enjoy reading your posts….perhaps you’ll write a book one day of your lives out there……

    • Glad you are enjoying our ramblings. Not sure about a book, we could develop and expand on some of the more interesting things, but a story normally has a beginning and an ending. A suitable ending would be hard to find.

  2. Annette newton

    Know what you mean ,we went to Bodrum nice but I enjoy going to the old villages around bafa lake more. My husband would love the bikethats the sort of thing he d like to do,enjoy your weekend Annette

  3. You were gracious guests in our over-the-top town and welcome back any time!

    • Thank you. We did have a great time and it was good to meet. It was certainly a contrast to Selcuk – our tourism here is pretty low key and, whilst we have some great views, the town itself is not very pretty,

  4. Glad you liked Körfez. İt was the first restaurant I ate in in 1981.

  5. Did you get a chance to take a bike ride around the Bodrum Peninsula? There’s some inspiring coastline, especially on the road between Turgutreis and Akyarlar. You can do a drive of the entire peninsular in a day … with stops for tea on the way!

    • Unfortunately not. In part due to the cycle race closing roads whilst we were in Bodrum. Something to do for the future so thanks for the tip..

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