Return of the bitey things

We were in Kuşadası today for our Turkish lessons and visited exciting places like Koçtaş and Tansaş.  Whilst wandering round the aisles looking for essentials (like grout whitener and Riviera olive oil) we could not help but notice the displays of insecticides for the home.  There is a new device out which sprays flies and crawly things automatically.  We didn’t check out whether it does this on a timer or whether it has some way of detecting the undesirables.  But it does seem to indicate that insect season is open.

We went walking on Pamucak beach a few days ago, up to the river and wetlands.  We noticed that the biting insects were back for summer.  This is something we live with, the wetlands are important for birds, those which stay here and those on migration.  The extensive wetlands support a range of creatures and farming activity, they also produce mosquitoes.

In the wetlands we saw egrets, heard warblers, tits, thrushes.  There were dragonfly which is good.  Dragonfly and their larvae are voracious predators of mosquitoes.  There are absolutely loads of swallows, both here in Selcuk, and over the wetlands, these too should help keep the bitey things down.

Hilary has a couple of insect bites, probably mosquito.  Mosquitoes like Hilary.  Ashley has a spider bite on his hand, nothing serious, but it was sore for a day or two and itchy for a week.  We hope that soon  the Belediye insect spraying truck will start on its rounds – keeping the mosquitoes down.


4 responses to “Return of the bitey things

  1. Tis the start of the itchy season!

  2. Annette newton

    This is such a great sight I even picked one if your friends blogs on cooking so I feel closer to our second home now back out again next Friday but only for a fow days better than nothing and I think the weather is better than when we were out 3weeks ago ,both take care and enjoy your great life wish a had the guts to do what you have done it makes great sence as cost of living here gets no better and. Could live much cheaper in turkey and the best part for me is that I know we would be eating good fresh food which is very important to me as a couple of years ago I had cancer so I think food is a big part if it. When we are out in June we are going to a retreat in Southend turkey look at the web page. Jason vale juicing programe. Hope to hear from you soon Annette

    • Thank you for your kind words. We do appreciate the fresh food out here and we find it a lot cheaper than the UK (though not everyone does). We are fortunate to have chosen to live in a town with two wonderful street markets every week.
      Sorry to hear about your health issues. Illness was a real motivator for us. It made us realise that if you want something, you need to grasp it.

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