Sunday Lunch

Now we have our own transport we were able to go to the Değirmen Şelale Aile Restoran.  People have told us that it is very good but, as it is some distance off the Selçuk to Tire road, it is difficult to reach without transport.

We were not disappointed.  The setting on the hillside is lovely (it is labelled as a hidden paradise).  The gardens are beautifully kept – just overgrown enough to hide diners from each other – and the water features are wonderful.  We sat right over the water, watching live trout and ducks.  The trout were beating the ducks to the bread thrown in by diners.  There were also some carp and a couple of goldfish.  From time to time the fountains were turned on.

On a Sunday lunchtime at least, the place has a real family atmosphere.  It was (deservedly) popular and people had gone with their friends, families and kids to enjoy the garden and the food in the beautiful spring weather.

The food was great.  We chose a small selection of mezzes from the cabinet (we had Antep Ezme, roast aubergines and semizotu with yoghurt.  There was a red paste and some olives which came as part of the package).  We had izgara köfte to follow.  These were delicious and came with a salad of lettuce, spring onion and tomato as well as rice.  We didn’t realise they also did Tire köfte till we got the bill…  That was the first time we saw a menu.  Something to remember for another time.  They brought us a complimentary desert (the traditional Tire white cheese with mulberry preserve and this one drizzled with honey and sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts).  We also got tea.

It’s pretty well dinner time now and neither of us feel like eating anything.  We are still too full of the wonderful food we had for lunch.

Completely recommended if you are in the area.  Great food, wonderful setting and extremely good value for money.  We shall definitely go again!


5 responses to “Sunday Lunch

  1. Annette newton

    I have only just linked on to your web sight,I look forward to your letters,with us going out to turkey a few times a year it’s nice to know of nice places to you say you do need transport,we have been with a Turkish friend to wonderful places but found it is now very expensive although I know the cost of fuel is expensive I felt as if he d taken adventage this time which is a shame,so my be we will for some sort of club that do walks etc do you know of any, I sore one once in voices paper,if it’s still on going I’ll try to sort something out. Thank you for sending your posts. Annnette Newton

    • Fuel is very expensive here. Most Sundays we go walking with Zirve Dağcilik ve Doğa Sporları Kulübü who do have branches in many places in Turkey. They seem happy for visitors to join in and most of their walks have been ‘family’ level. That said, the last one we went on did require a reasonable degree of fitness and was tough going in places.
      Our branch had nothing organised for yesterday, so we decided to take off somewhere on our own.
      Zirve have a website and a number of pages on Facebook. One of the Facebook pages is in English, but it is not the most frequently updated.

  2. Annette newton

    Thanks for info,we went to gomakda and stratonikeia on our last trip although like I said it was wourth every penny we were even asked into some ones home for a drink and the lady fetched all her best clothes to show me and let me try here daughter in laws wedding out fit on so I felt very honoured that they let me do that I’m hoping to down load some pics soon if you have an e mail I’ll post on to you.with coming out to turkey whenever we can with flights going up so much is why I was tring to cut costs down thank you ANnette

    • I found Stratonikeia on Google! The place looks amazing and I want to go there. It’s quite a way from us though – maybe part of a longer trip. With petrol being so expensive we’re trying to plan our trips but that is an area we would definitely like to explore.

  3. Annette newton

    That is where there was an earth quake bet so pretty,be great to camp not a soul in sight,the other place wasin the hills all the ladies wore flowers in there head wear, it was a bit of a run for us near bodrum area we live in didim in I village called mavisehir known for the sunset and night Market.want to go to Ketendere that what I saw in voices got it up on web page on lake bafa that is how I found your page .glad I did.the other trips we did were Miletos. Dogsan bey. Domatiawith and priene hope I’ve spelt these ok. Also a tpip to Bafa lake again up in the hills you find these wonderfull villages. With out our fried we would never have found them.and will always be grateful thanks for replying

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