We took our third trip to Magnesia.  The first was back in 2009 when we rode the Harley from the UK to Turkey.  We came across Magnesia on our way to Didyma and decided to stop for a while.  We had the site to ourselves and the attendant was very helpful in explaining the site to us.

 The second time was a couple of weeks ago when we had a friend staying.   We hired a car to do the Didyma/Miletus/Priene run and stopped off at Magnesia along the way.  It was full of wild flowers and tadpoles.  And, the site is impressive in itself.  Again, we had the site to ourselves.

Magnesia is between Ortaklar and Söke – it can be seen from the main road.  We’re not sure how you would get there by dolmuş.

We went back earlier this week on the new bike.  The entrance price to sites is set in Ankara and they all went up last week (what used to cost 3 lira now costs 5 lira and is still extremely good value when you consider these places need upkeep).  A pathway had been mown through the long grass and wildflowers, making everything more accessible without feeling like a motorway.  The tadpoles had started to turn into frogs, the birds were still singing and the wildlife was wonderful.  We went looking for the stadium (we’d been told there was a stadium) and found the Theatron.   Not as impressively set as some of the theatres in Lycia, but very pretty nonetheless.  And, as it is still being worked upon, there is no entrance fee.

On the way home, as we were coming out of Camlık, a hoopoe wandered out into the road – we were a bit worried it would run right under the bike but we were faster than it was.



2 responses to “Magnesia

  1. I’d completely forgotten about this site. Time to head north for a visit before it gets too hot.

    • It is such a lovely place and, as yet, not a target for the tour buses. We do enjoy the sites where you get a bit of tranquility. And there is quite a lot to see at Magnesia.

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