Building Season

It is definitely building season.  In summer it is too hot (and, in some tourist areas, building is forbidden) and in autumn and winter it can be very rainy.  A house almost precisely across the road from us is being demolished.  The method for this is to stand on the roof and hit it with a lump hammer till it caves in.  All metal work and bricks are being carefully preserved – they will be recycled when the house is rebuilt (we have heard that they want a 2 storey house).  The roof has gone now and they have started on the walls… 

We have written about noise here before.  The demolition is a rhythmic thumping – fairly loud, but not particularly bothersome.  Next door, though, they are using a circular saw to carve channels in the walls of their newly built third storey so that they can run electricity into the space (and, we think, plumbing).  This is the wall that is right up against our back house.   It is a horrible, horrible noise and it’s been going on for most of the past two days.

We have been going out as much as possible.  Lunch on the beach at Pamucak today and going out for a beer in the evenings has not really been too great a sacrifice.


2 responses to “Building Season

  1. The thing is no-one seems bothered about noise here. Builders often carry on working till very late at night. When we were having our terrace enclosed to make another room, the men were still working at 3am. No complaints from the neighbours…in fact one of them came along to help!

    • Normally the noise doesn’t bother us here (I think it would have bothered us back in the UK). It’s this particular sound of the circular saw cutting into concrete which just gets inside our heads. Also, where we are, even the weddings end at midnight.

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