Off piste walking

We went walking with Zirve again.  Today’s excursion was mostly members from the Aydin branch who we met up with at a roadside place between Havutçulu and Ortaklar, the plan being to walk to Şirince.  We started walking about 9.30 initially on a forest track, the going was pretty light, and the views got better as the road climbed.  We were aware that the walk was going to go fairly high, we would need to cross the mountain ridge between the Büyük Menderes valley and the Kücük Menderes valley, so were expecting a steep track at times.

What we did not expect was to leave the track and start climbing the mountainside.  It was tough going in places, quite steep, and with no clear trail.  In places the views were awesome.  At times the air was scented with wild lavender, oregano, and hawthorn.

We had a lunch break near the summit, before starting the descent.  Again much of this was fairly steep and on paths we would never have found on our own.  The views from above Şirince were spectacular.

There were about fifty people all together.  We managed to keep up.  The forecast was for periods of rain – we packed waterproofs, expecting a soaking.  Instead we ended up regretting our failure to take sun block.  The walk up was challenging enough in clear conditions.  In the wet it would have been quite miserable.

We got to Şirince at about 14.30.  The Aydin group had a bus planned for later in the afternoon, a time for them to do some shopping, eating, wine tasting.  We had the option of the dolmuş back to Selçuk, but instead decided to walk, getting home about an hour and a half later.


2 responses to “Off piste walking

  1. Wow, some superb views there, definitely worth the walk I bet! 🙂

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