Curtains for us

For a variety of reasons we decided we would like new net curtains for the front house.  Those we had didn’t really wash well after the winter with the soba, and to be honest had seen better days.

Plain net curtains are difficult to find here.  We didn’t much like what we saw in Ikea, and the local stuff tends to be highly patterned and coloured.  Neither of us are great fans of net curtains but the front house is very overlooked.  We arouse enough curiosity amongst our neighbours without them being able to see into our front room without impediment.  We don’t have a sewing machine (Hilary is perfectly capable of making curtains but it is a lot easier and neater with a machine).  We looked at various options in Kuşadası and in Izmir but came to the conclusion that our best bet would be to have some made locally.  We had already been into a local curtain shop when we broke the hooks on the curtain that hangs across the front door to discourage the flies.  We know the Turkish for curtain hooks and curtain rings so we thought we stood a reasonable chance of getting what we wanted. 
Armed with careful measurements taken by Seamus and Ashley we headed into the shop.  We explained that we wanted plain curtains and were shown a selection.  We explained that we had curtain poles, not rails and we did not want to have rings for the poles.  Our first choice was a bit too expensive – 30 lira a metre.  We settled for white with a woven in textured stripe at 22 lira a metre.  The price includes making up.  We paid and arranged to collect on Saturday.

What a pleasant surprise!  Our new curtains are made up Turkish style. Beautiful box pleats gathered onto a stiffened band and tab tops fastened down with velcro.  All beautifully made up.  They hang perfectly and don’t need constant twitching to keep them properly arranged.

An immense improvement and another example of the wonderful customer service you get over here.  Not to mention the wonderful craftsmanship involved in making these up for us.


3 responses to “Curtains for us

  1. They look lovely. I’m not surprised because we have had some beautifully made curtains here over the years. Wherever we have lived the quality and workmanship has been excellent. And they do them so quickly don’t they?

    • Thanks. We are really happy with them. Properly made and quite unlike the English manner of hemming them and wrapping them round a wire or, if you’re lucky, a stick.

  2. I appreciate the privacy afforded by net curtains……

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