Claros Submerged

We had our first purely recreational trip out on the bike, not very far, along the coast to Claros.  It was really nice to get out on the bike for nothing but having fun, far better than using it for necessary trips.  Although it’s a short ride, the scenery is spectacular and, this time of year, everything smells wonderful.

Unlike the last time we went to Claros, today the site was mostly under water.  Parts we walked on and under last September were flooded.  We guess that as summer progresses the amount of water will get less and that by late summer much of Claros will be dried out like it was last year.  The site is small and reasonably well signed, though half the signs were partly submerged, and the deep water obscured much of what can otherwise be seen.  Here are some pictures of Claros today and last September.


September 2011

On the way back home we stopped at Pamucak, sat on the beach, drank çay and relaxed in the warm sunshine.  We are becoming regulars at the small café there, welcomed by the owner and one of the dogs.


4 responses to “Claros Submerged

  1. Happy Riding. Pop in if you ride down to Bodrum

    • We are giving serious thought to visiting Bodrum before tourist season. Probably in May and perhaps as part of a jaunt further south and east through Lycia.

  2. The difference in the water levels is amazing! Glad to see you’re having fun with the new bike 🙂

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