Messing about with motorcycles

I got the bike back from Izmir today.  It has new brakes, new battery, new oil, and is fully serviced.  It also has a rack which means we can get some luggage on it. Summer is coming, the weather is really nice most days and the bike is ready to ride.

Whilst waiting I chatted a lot to staff at the dealership, we agreed that parts in Turkey are expensive.  They suggested I get parts on ebay and said they would fit whatever I bought.  There was a certain amount of admiration of the bike by the sales staff and mechanic, they liked the fuel injection system and air intake, and some of the other added extras, including the handlebars and risers.  I think they liked the bling as well, much of which I am fairly indifferent to.  It was also good to build a bit of a relationship with the people there.

The bike itself is a bit tatty in places, it is a 2005 FXSTI (Softail Standard) so has gone through 6 or so winters in Istanbul.  Bits of the chrome are going, but this is cosmetic, and will in no way make it dangerous or impact on  performance.  I might at some stage do something about the more tatty bits but I really am in no hurry to do cosmetic stuff.  More important is getting the grips changed since they are not particularly comfortable.

Performance wise I pushed it a bit harder on the way back from the service, I was reluctant to do this earlier since the brakes were in urgent need of replacement.  There is loads of power and it runs really well, easily as good as the old bike. With the changed bars the riding position is very similar to the old bike.  The windshield is the one we brought from the UK, it sits a bit lower, does not give quite so much protection.  Overall, I’m really pleased.


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