On the tourist trail without a guide

We have a visitor so we are doing more tourist things than usual.  On Friday we hired a car. This is the first time we’ve done that since we moved to Turkey.  Hilary was a bit nervous about the driving – it was a Fiat and easy enough when she could remember which side the gearstick was on…

We drove to Magnesia first and had a look around.  We didn’t know about the stadium (two people have now told us that the stadium is worth walking to) but we do like Magnesia.  It’s uncrowded and small enough to understand in a single bite.  It was also carpeted with wild flowers and the water was full of tadpoles.

We headed for the Temple at Didyma.  We were hungry when we got there.  We’d expected there to be gözleme places along the approach road but we didn’t find any that were open.  So we ate at the big restaurant there which was catering to a coachload at the time.  They offered us the open buffet; we went for cheese sandwiches which were fine and not overpriced.  We then went round the Temple which is a very wonderful site.  We managed to get round most of it between coaches.

From Didyma we headed for Miletus.  We didn’t spend very long there.  There were not as many birds there as we have seen previously, but the frogs were very, very loud.  We stopped for a cold drink on our way out.


Next was Priene which was as beautiful as ever.  There were a couple of coach tours going round and we have never seen a coach tour there before.  Maybe we’ve just been lucky to get the place to ourselves on previous occasions, maybe the coach tours have discovered what a wonderful site it is.  It’s big enough to swallow up a lot of tourists anyway, so we were able to ramble about undisturbed.

We had a wonderful meal in a petrol station on the way back, but it was much dearer than we anticipated.

In Camlık we stopped off at a leather outlet because it is traditional to do so our friend wanted to buy a leather coat.  There was a bit of a misunderstanding as he thought the price he was quoted included lengthening a knee length coat to floor length (it didn’t).  So we didn’t buy anything but headed for home, getting the car back to the hire shop at around six.

It is a great trip.  We’ve done it on public transport before (also on the Harley) and it is quite exhausting.  Hilary fell asleep very early that night.

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