All our electricity are belong to us

Recently we were reminded that having electricity in someone else’s name can cause problems.  When we moved here none of the utilities were in our name.  The electricity was the most complex since it was not in the name of the previous owner.  She had not changed it into her name because she did not have a Residence Permit and the name on the bill was that of the previous owner (who we have been told is dead). We were also told that we would not be able to change the name on the bill without that man’s permission (which goes to show one should not believe everything one is told).   Tedaş (the electric company) did not seem to be concerned, we paid the bills and they were happy.  We are not sure how much of a problem this might cause in the long term, but decided it would be a good idea to correct the situation.

We inquired at the local Tedaş office and were told to come back with various documents

Residence Permit
Tapu (we also took the old tapu showing the transfer of ownership from the name on the electric bill to the lady who sold us the house)
Kimlik Number

We also took an old bill to aid in communication.

This we did.  Various forms got filled out.  Then we were told the process would continue but there was nothing else to do at this point.

A week or so later someone came to read the meter, and then told us we needed to go back to the Tedaş office in a day or so.  Back at the Tedaş office more forms got filled out.  We were then told to go a pay the outstanding balance and return.  This we did.  Papers then got signed and stamped, taken upstairs for the boss to sign, we paid about 75 lira for what we think is a deposit  and the process was completed.

We were told that we needed to take the new papers to the bank to cancel the automatic payment of the sum we had just paid (not due for a week or so yet).  We went to the bank and were told everything was OK, that we need not have bothered to do so, but it seemed best to be on the safe side.

Apart from the small bit at the bank, the entire process was managed in Turkish since nobody at the Tedaş office spoke English.  Hilary had enough language to manage.


2 responses to “All our electricity are belong to us

  1. Wow! An uncommonly sane story about cutting through red tape! Well done, guys!

  2. We still have the water to change to our names but this should be far more simple since in is currently in the name of the previous owner.

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