March Photo of the Month

We could not decide which of these we liked the most.  Which one do you think should be our photo of the month for March?

Galata Bridge, Cliffs above Nazarkoy, Walking in the mountains, Tinners


9 responses to “March Photo of the Month

  1. I like the cliffs and the walk in the mountains…. hard to decide!

  2. They’re all great- but The Cliffs is my vote. It’s the springiest, and we could all use a little sunshine these days!

  3. Looks like I’m on my own with this one but it’s Istanbul every time for me. Granted, it doesn’t shout ‘spring’ at you but it’s a great photo all the same. 🙂

    • On Galata Brıdge that day we got a photo of a man fishing right next to a no fishing sign. Istanbul was very grey whilst we were there. Hilary rather regretted expressing a wish to see Istanbul in the snow. It snowed. But it didn’t settle.
      Despite the misery of the weather and the amount of waiting around we had to do whilst buying the motorbike, we enjoyed Istanbul. It is a wonderful, wonderful city.

    • I am also in favour of the Galata Bridge. I walk there every saturday and sunday morning to my turkish classes. And I like the geometry of this shot. The tinners are my second choice. It is good to see people work with their hands. Just recently, I spotted a man sharpening the knives from restaurants on my street, so I grabbed mine and had him sharpen them. It is the season of the cuts in my kitchen now 🙂

      • I’m really worried about having my global knives sharpened on the market. Ashely gets nagged into sharpening them with a grindstone.

  4. If you have good quality knives, then I would not recommend 🙂

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