Taking friends round Ephesus

It’s been difficult to keep up with the blog recently as, last week, we received our first full time guest since we have been out in Selçuk.  It is really lovely having a friend to stay but it has made us see how far we have become immersed in our own new routines.

Having a friend to stay has made us re-visit some of the wonderful ‘tourist’ places in the area.  So far we have taken him to the Artemis Temple (a regular haunt in any case), the museum (significantly expanded since we were last there) and Ephesus.

Believe it or not, although Ephesus is on our doorstep, this was our first visit since we moved out here.  Also our first visit ever to the Terraced Houses which really do give you a very strong impression of how people lived when Ephesus was a thriving city (which, after all, it was for a very long time).

We’re planning a few trips further afield whilst our friend is with us – it’s been a while since we visited Didyma, Miletus and Priene…  Izmir is also on the agenda, the agora there is pretty amazing, and no doubt there will be a few more local days out.

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3 responses to “Taking friends round Ephesus

  1. This is the best time to visit Ephesus before the unforgiving sun and regiments of camera toting tourists make this wonderful place Hell on Earth!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Ephesus is one of the few places in Turkey where I have been…..about ten years ago.

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