Walking in the Mountains

We went walking with Zirve Dağcılık  to the mountains in Muğla province, just south of Bafa Gölü (lake).  We started at Ikiztaş and took an old village donkey track to Ketendere.  It was only 7 or so kilometers but took some time because there was a good bit of up and down and numerous stops for photographs.  There were 62 people all together on the outing, though not all came on the walk.  After the walking we went to Çomakdağ, another village in the area for lunch, and seeing some traditional village crafts and houses.

The scenery was amazing.  It was a great day out.  We shall let the pictures tell the story – they tell it far better than words.

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5 responses to “Walking in the Mountains

  1. Wow, that just looks like perfect trekking country. We’ve missed trekking this year because of the rubbish weather. Hopefully, we can get some done now the spring weather is here. Great set of photos.

    • Thanks. It really is great walking country! We’re looking forward to trying some of the walks around Fethiye.
      We do find that walking with the club introduces us to new places (and the coach takes us there and, in this case, drove round to pick us up meaning we didn’t have to walk back the way we had come).

  2. Some superb scenery in those pictures, almost otherworldly in places! There does seem to be so much to explore near you 🙂

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