Izmir is coming

Here, in Turkey there are a number of  large civil infrastructure developments being talked about, planned, or in development.  Many are around or linked to Istanbul.  The proposed Bosphorus by pass, a ship canal so that huge tankers and other ships no longer have to pass through central Istanbul.  The proposed third Bosphorus road bridge, needed as anyone who has encountered Istanbul traffic will assert, as long as the new roads are made to go with it otherwise other choke points will simply get worse.  The proposed Bosphorus rail tunnel, and a high speed rail line between Istanbul and Ankara.  The new motorway between Istanbul and Izmir along with a bridge crossing part of Marmara Sea.  Oil and natural gas pipelines.  How many of these happen remain to be seen, probably most.

More locally Izmir is coming to Selçuk.  A new university is coming here, a site has been identified and there are signs of the building work.  There has been talk of the Izmir metro being extended to Selçuk, this too is clearly happening.  The rail track is being upgraded from the current single track with passing points.  There are vast amounts of new sleepers in sidings along the route.  Much of the bridge work has already been completed or is in the process of being so.  Foundations for the track being dug for much of the route, and in places completed.

What these will do to Selçuk remains to be seen.  There will almost certainly be far more trains from here to Izmir and at the airport since it is on the route.  This will be vastly convenient.  There will be more students, so probably more bars in the town centre and a bit more activity in the evenings.  The Belediye (town council) has recently announced improvements to road and water infrastructure, new parks, and a new sports centre .  There is talk of the castle once again being illuminated at night and of public access to it happening later this year.

Beyond the civic projects, there is an immense amount of building work going on in town.  There are now three storey blocks of flats where once there were holes in the ground.     We’re unlikely to get true high rise round here as there are regulations around the height of buildings.  The regulations appear to be somewhat flexible but four stories seems to be a fairly absolute limit.  There is also a certain amount of extremely optimistic pricing of property on the market no doubt fueled by the many other developments.

It all seems pretty positive for the town, no global recession here.


7 responses to “Izmir is coming

  1. That’s a lot of work! It’s going to be good for Selçuk

    • It will be very good for Selçuk. We spent some time this morning poring over the map in the local paper to see whether they intended to drive a road through our house. Thankfully it seems they do not! Some of the nearby roads will be resurfaced which will be good for the bike.

  2. An interesting post. Thanks…..

  3. Good to see that Turkey is investing in the rail network. Would love more train routes as it’s our favourite mode of transport. Think it will be a while before there are any rail links to the mountainous Southwest though. 🙂

    • Getting trains to Fethiye would take some doing. We love train journeys as well, did once consider the Trans Siberian as something to do, and more recently thought that taking the train from here to the east would be amazing.

  4. Thanks for the update on the changes in Selcuk. After 10 years on Ayasuluk and now two years away, I know a return there will surprise (annoy) me with all the new building. But we’d love to take a train all the way from Istanbul! Hope the castle will be a safe place to visit when it finally reopens…

    • Most of the new building is away from Ayasuluk since getting permissions there is not easy and what is going up is very much in line with what is already there. Most of the building is the other side of the railway, and as said limited in height so does not really impose much.

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