From Istanbul

Despite being cold and wet Istanbul never fails to fascinate. We are not really here as tourists but today we found ourselves doing tourist things. We strolled over Galata bridge, as usual there were many people fishing and some were doing very well. We walked around Taksim and had coffee in Starbucks. Starbucks here is pretty much identical to those in the UK, the same jazz in the background and a passably decent coffee. It was good to sit and relax there for a while and a pleasant change from tea. Later we walked back over Galata bridge had balik ekmek (fish and salad in bread). It was mackerel, delicious and very fresh.

We considered going to the archaeology museum as being somewhere warm and dry, but in the end decided not to since we have been there a few times and are very familiar with the contents.

Later, this evening, we will wander some more, around Sultanamet as we did yesterday. We met a few old friends yesterday, drank some beer, ate in a tourist place. Our favourite bar in the area has closed, a pity, we have been going there from when it first opened as a probably not very legal place, from the very first time we visited this city. We shall probably meet a few more people we know tonight, chat, hang out over tea, maybe eat off the tourist trail, given the cold and wet weather, soup and a pide really appeals.

4 responses to “From Istanbul

  1. Are you staying for the weekend as well?

    • Unfortunately not. We are heading back to Selcuk.

      Tonight was interesting, it was also cold. Early evening we were walking across the hippodrome and it was snowing. Later the sky cleared a little and we saw Venus and Jupiter above the Blue Mosque.

      • Did you catch the huge snow flakes during the day? They caught me off guard. Anyways, I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet you, but weekdays are just not a good moment for me due to work.

    • We did catch the snow. It was a surprise. Maybe we can meet up next time we are in Istanbul.

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