Spring cleaning part I

Following disappointment over the bike in Uşak, we are looking at other possibilities and have arranged to see a couple of bikes very soon.  Flights to Istanbul and hotels have been booked.  This is very exciting!  We are also very much looking forward to being in Istanbul, it is a wonderful city.

Last week we had three days in a row of warm and sunshine.

The buds on our neighbour’s fruit-of-some-sort tree are green, there is blossom on it, the birds and busily making more birds, and at least two storks have arrived and are maintaining nests on the aqueduct.

We are busily maintaining our home.  The back house, which we did not heat all winter, is being painted on the outside and in.  The living room and bedroom have been painted; wall hangings have been washed and put back in place.  Pictures have been repositioned.

The sun was warm; our neighbours were out and about, making the street a lively place once more.  Sitting inside we could hear several conversations and at least one radio playing Turkish music.  On Sunday there were drums – possibly a wedding but not, on this occasion, a nearby street wedding.

We both had solar heated showers – the water pressure is lower than the boiler heated shower and it’s hard to adjust the temperature, but the water was warm enough and we were warm enough.  One evening this week we didn’t need to light the soba.  Well, maybe we don’t need to light the soba, it’s just more comfortable with it lit.

We’ve seen  Mars, Venus  and Jupiter in the sky just after dusk, and on one occasion Mercury as well.  There are loads of bats in the evenings.  Later after nightfall, Orion is riding high.

And now for the last two days it’s been  grey again.  At least it’s not so cold and, although the grey is dismal, we still get the feeling that winter is over.


2 responses to “Spring cleaning part I

  1. Yes the weather’s been much the same here too. And I know what you mean that in spite of all the greyness I definitely think the worst of winter is over….let’s hope so!

    • The forecast is optimistic. We’re keen to get the house with the soba in cleaned up/decorated but, whilst we’re still burning wood, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of point.

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