Bodrumuzda kedi vardı

At around 17:30 this evening we were headed into town to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner when our neighbour came up to us and told us he had seen a ‘katzi’ in our basement.  Our neighbour speaks excellent German and often uses that language to communicate with us when he feels our Turkish is inadequate to the situation.   It took a while to work out that he meant a kedi.  Well, we had found the window wide open a day or so ago and we shut it so we expressed profound doubt.  He was, however, certain he had just seen a cat leaping up at the window from inside our basement.  We went in and had a quick look around.  There was evidence that a cat had been there, footprints on a pillow, cat hairs on a bag, but no cat was seen.

Ashley had a proper look when we got home.  The basement has been in need of a serious tidy up for some time.  We do tend just to throw stuff in there.  The cat was found in a corner behind the sofa and initially did not want to be removed.  The cats here are pretty much feral, so she remained out of reach, probably frightened, and reluctant to make a run for the open window or door.  Eventually after clearing some space so the sofa could be moved she made a run for it.  She seems to have come to no harm.  She seems to have done no harm.

We conveyed to our neighbour that Katzi had been found and that she had run away.  We now have a tidier basement, it still needs some work but the incident prompted us to make a start, and the kedi has since been seen scavenging the bins for food.


3 responses to “Bodrumuzda kedi vardı

  1. Lucky kedi to be spotted quickly, and glad your stuff was unharmed.

  2. We have to be very careful keeping our doors or shutters closed as the neighbour’s cats nip in at the first opportunity.

    • Our neighbours have dogs. The cats come straight out of the bins… It’s always got to be a compromise between cat-security and ventilation. Our basement is a studio flat but currently used for storage. I worry that a cat might get trapped in there or decide that it is an ideal place to have kittens. We believe that we have now cat-proofed the basement. Time will tell.

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