An End to Winter Salads

This is the third day in a row of warm and sunshine.  It really is wonderful.

So, goodbye to winter salads.  Commonly grated carrot, red cabbage and radish, with sultanas and a little oil and lemon.  Sometimes with added sumac, sometimes with walnuts.  The radishes here have been great all winter but are starting to be past their best now.  We have been fortunate in having excellent cucumber all winter, grown locally under glass and the lettuce remains good, both of which have been used in a variety of winter salads, along with our home made pickles (and some shop bought ones).

Adding variety to the limited options we came up with this.  A sort of cheating oriental salad.  The precise quantities do not matter that much.  Cut carrot and radish into matchsticks.  Cut cucumber into wedges and salt for an hour or so.  Wash off the salt, and dry the cucumber.  Mix the cucumber with the carrot and radish.  Make a dressing of grated ginger and a little garlic, along with some vinegar, soy sauce and pul biber (chili flakes).  Pour the dressing over the vegetables and stir.  This keep well for a couple of days, is actually at its best after a day or so, so is good with the local black radish.  Back in the UK we would have used mooli and rice vinegar, here the radish and grape vinegar work just as well.

Tonight we are using up the last of the radish, tomorrow is market day, time for spring fruits and vegetables.


2 responses to “An End to Winter Salads

  1. All sounds enviably healthy……..I should eat half as healthily and maybe my slightly raised blood pressure would come down and I’d have fewer headaches!

    • We have two local markets every week piled high with local produce most of which is incredibly fresh and inexpensive. We also have the time to prepare what we get from market, something we never really had when we were working in London. Having the time to prepare food is what really counts, before retiring we managed to do so in the evenings, but during the day, at work, the quick and unhealthy is what usually happened.

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