Sudden change of plans

We had planned to go and look at a motorcycle in Uşak on Thursday.  We made further contact with the vendor today (with the assistance of our Turkish teacher) to confirm when our bus arrives, and we learnt that he has already sold the bike.  The explanation was that we did not seem particularly interested because we were taking our time.  We were taking our time because last week it was snowing in Uşak, hardly a good time to go and look at and potentially test ride a bike.  The vendor did not speak any English, and our Turkish is limited, this probably added to the confusion.  The bike is gone now, a pity.

We think we can get the money back from the bus tickets.  We shall keep looking for a bike so it’s back to for now, and maybe a trip to Istanbul.

2 responses to “Sudden change of plans

  1. Your erstwhile client SH and I had a conversation in the Cafe Nero in Chiswick today. We were reminiscing about your fondness for motorbikes and I said that I was still in contact with you through FB.

    • Fond memories of Cafe Nero in Chiswick. We could spend hours sat there talking and reminiscing about classic vehicles. Please pass on my regards to S and family.

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