Spring flowers, snow in the distance

Today we walked up to Sirince.  We walked up the slightly longer way which takes around 3 hours.  It was lovely, warm spring sunshine with a very deep blue sky.  There were wonderful views down to the sea and across to the higher mountains which still have snow on them.  There were trees with blossom and carpets of wild flowers.

We saw buzzards aplenty along with many other birds.  The birds know it is spring, Blackbirds and Great Tits singing from trees, claiming territory.  For the first time this year we saw butterflies.  So, the only two months in which we have not seen butterflies were January and February.

We have done that walk before and, doubtless, will do it again.  It is beautiful enough to bear a lot of repetition and the countryside changes with the seasons so it doesn’t get boring.

We don’t care too much for Sirince itself – lovely village, totally commercialised.  Good luck to those who make an honest living from it but we were fortunate in that we had to run for the departing dolmuş back to Selçuk.


2 responses to “Spring flowers, snow in the distance

  1. There seem to be more birds around now than I remember from the past. Are the hunting laws being enforced these days?

    • We have seen men with guns and dogs in the hills. We have heard the occasional gun being fired. We have seen caged finches in local markets and we have heard the occasional wild pig when out walking. We are pretty sure a certain amount of hunting goes on and we have never seen anyone enforcing anything in the hills. How much hunting, and how much laws are being respected we really have no idea.

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