The return of winter (hopefully brief)

Last week the weather was really pleasant.  It was mostly fairly warm and sunny.  We painted some of the terrace furniture.  There were bees on the spring flowers.

Yesterday morning after hours of rain and plunging temperatures it snowed.  Then as the day wore on it rained some more, and the temperatures continued to fall as the rain cleared.  By the early evening it was bitingly cold in a bitter north wind.  Last night the temperature dropped to around minus 5, this morning there is ice a centimetre thick on the roof terrace.  The north wind has now died down a little and there is bright sunshine, it is cold, barely above freezing.

We gather it has been a particularly cold winter.  We have used far more wood than expected and have some electricity bills that in part reflect the cold.  We have managed to stay warm and we have a good sized dry store currently half full of wood, far more than we will need this winter.

The forecast is that it will start to warm up by the weekend.  Hopefully as we move into March winter will become a thing of the past.  For the next few days we plan to stay at home in the warm and not care about the heating costs.


9 responses to “The return of winter (hopefully brief)

  1. This is the most severe winter I’ve known in this region in 14 years of living here. (I exclude the years living in Capadoccia of course where severe winters are the norm)

    I hope this isn’t a sign of winters to come. Good job you got more wood than you needed!

    • We ended up with three lots of wood! But we don’t expect to use all of it this year. Our first winter here has been a bit of a shock – we knew it would be cold but didn’t expect it to be this cold. We hope it won’t become a regular climate feature.
      Still, we are fortunate – our house has not leaked and we are able to keep ourselves warm.

  2. We had snow, not much but snow it was. In Bodrum! Ridiculous 😉

  3. Can’t tell you how cold it is here at the moment! It’s not snowed but that’s because I’m sure it’s too cold to snow! 😉 I was convinced we were over the worst last week. Hopefully now, we are over the worst…

  4. Hi. I need to make a confession. It is all my fault. My turkish friends say they have not seen such conditions in a long time and that I brought this winter with me. For the past 21 years I lived in two countries where -20°C is nothing out of the ordinary. I do not approve of a winter if the temperature is above -10°C and less than 5°C. And here in Istanbul, this is exactly what I get. So, I am very sorry (and most of all for myself).

    • Ah, we thought it was our fault for moving here. My father finds it very amusing when it is warmer in London than it is in Izmir. I would love to see Istanbul in the snow – I’ve seen pictures and it is so beautiful. But I do not like the cold at all. (Hilary)

  5. I do not mind to share the burden 🙂

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