Our first century

This is our 100th blog post here on Pul Biber.

We have had a busy day after getting up late.  We have been preparing for summer, painting furniture on the roof terrace and sorting bits of garden.  Ashley has various wounds from moving plants, cuts from sharp leaves and thorns.  This evening our new gate was fitted this involved a fair amount of banging, welding and cutting of metal by moonlight.  None of which is really very exciting.

Thinking back over the 100 posts on Pul Biber, they have been our story of our move here.

We don’t have a specific theme or direction for the blog.  We’re not experts on Turkey, or, in fact, on any of the things we’ve posted about.  We started the blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family and, hopefully, as a way of meeting new people.  As such, we think it’s been reasonably successful and, whilst we don’t get huge numbers of hits, we’re not playing this as a numbers  game.

It is also our story, and as much as some of our not particularly interesting to anyone else entries may not be particularly interesting…..  It serves as a reference for us.

In a sense, as we settle in, our day to day experiences have started to feel less like a whole new adventure.  This sometimes leaves us struggling for subject matter.  As time passes, as we settle in (and we’ve only been out here just over six months, we know we have a great deal to learn), the blog may well take a different direction – once we work out what that is.

At times there will be entries about new and exciting things, but life is not always about the new and exciting.  A friend of ours is posting photographs of everyday things, we think some of our day to day is worth recording here.

7 responses to “Our first century

  1. Congratulations on your first 100 posts. Blogging becomes quite addictive after a while. Mine was never about hits or numbers either, but just to replace a diary I kept when I first moved here that got lost. It is a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends and also a way of making new friends.
    Here’s to your next 100 xx

    • Thank you.
      We’re not really new to blogging – Hilary has had an online journal for the past…. well, more than five years. But that’s a very private thing or a way of communicating with a very specific circle. She keeps that up as a record though, honestly, it’s easier to look things up in a paper diary than it is to remember what you wrote and search for it.

  2. Well done for getting to your first century. You’ll pass your second without even noticing. As Ayak says, there’s something quite addictive about this blogging lark.

    • Thank you. It’s this very ‘public’ blogging that is new for us. We’re never quite sure what will interest people we know, let alone people we don’t know. Often we are very surprised by which posts get the most hits, though we’re not sure whether that is actually due to content.

      • You’ll probably never know. I know I don’t. The strangest things catch the imagination. For me, the trick is to just to get on with it and see what happens.

  3. Way hay! 100 posts and many more to go. Just so you know, I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog. It’s good to know how ye are getting on. Even normal things in a new country are fascinating and, according to my parents, when you look back at what you have written in a few years time, it will remind you of all the things that were new and different, but will seem ordinary in the future. (That sentence got away from me but I think you know what I mean)

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