Getting stoned

Not what some may think!

For the last couple of days we have been having the stepped passageway and space between the houses paved with stone.  This includes taking out the steps and creating a sloped driveway, essential for when we get a bike.  We also happen to think it is a vast improvement on the old concrete which was starting to crumble badly in places.

The men are working really hard on this.  Concrete and stone are heavy.  They arrive promptly at 08:00, work through till lunch, disappear then return and work hard till 17:00.  We take them tea from time to time and yesterday they ate some of Hilary’s homemade chocolate and orange cake.

The work is done – bar the grouting of a small section towards the road.  Soon we will get a new gate and some other minor changes to the ironwork.

This is the final task we set ourselves when we moved here back in August.  Significant because we had said to ourselves that we should get the planned stuff done before splashing out on a decent bike.

Spring is in the air, this is all excellent timing.


6 responses to “Getting stoned

  1. It looks really good. I recall how it was before and it really is a huge improvement.

    • We were originally intending just to get the concrete re-done (and the slope for the bike) but our builder offered us stone at a very reasonable price. I know the former owner was thinking about having this done.

  2. Looking really good 😀

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