Not from Sweden

A couple of weeks ago we met with a carpenter and commissioned some furniture to be made as we wanted something to fit an exact space.  We had made some drawings to show him, and had some ideas about colour and style.  The meeting went very well, he seemed to get what we were after, a bookcase, and a storage box that doubled as a seat (it has a back and arms which were the carpenter’s idea and look good), and we added in a couple of shelves above a worktop in the kitchen.

We had initially been given earlier this week as delivery and fitting date but apparently there was an issue with sorting delivery.  We were telephoned and advised of this.

Today the furniture was delivered, mostly pre-assembled.  The shelves were fitted and the final bit of assembly completed.  Whilst the carpenter was here he attended to a couple of doors in the kitchen units which needed adjusting.

We offered tea, which was accepted, he gave us his business card, and we settled up the bill which was very reasonable.

We are still trying to come to terms with how much this furniture has improved the living space.  It makes the sitting area feel much bigger and we have places to put things away.  Both the bookcase and the sitting box have been decorated with wooden studs – difficult to describe but clearly necessary.


2 responses to “Not from Sweden

  1. I am so glad you had a good experience! So often things like this end up in disaster!! It looks great!

    • We had a recommendation from friends (who showed us previous work) and Ashley does excellent technical drawings. Now we just have the relaying of our drive to complete and that will be all the changes for the time being.

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