The nature of noise

We are very different when it comes to noise.  Ashley filters out what ‘doesn’t apply’ to him.  Hilary hears everything.  She is frequently irritated by noises Ashley has not noticed but sometimes she hears something really interesting that he misses completely.

It is commonly said that living in Turkey is noisy.  Some things are painfully familiar such as the car with an over-loud sound system and the windows open, but there seem to be less of those here.  There have been more large social events nearby than we had over the same period of time back in London, but the street weddings end at midnight, we were lucky if the parties in London ended before dawn.

Here there are flocks of sparrows squabbling in trees, dogs barking, cats loudly disputing cat business, and the commotion when the vast number of jackdaws in the centre of town take to the air is reminiscent of a casting call for a Hitchcock movie.  There is some traffic noise, cars, motorcycles, tractors, a train passing through town, light aircraft from the strip nearby, and the occasional jet 50 miles out from Izmir airport.  There is a cockerel who crows at all hours of day and night (though he does seem to be learning about ‘dawn’ now and crows less at midnight).   There is noise of human activity, chopping wood for fires, building work, people talking on the street, a chainsaw, people calling out for scrap metal and other unwanted items.  There is the call to prayer and during Ramazan the drummer before dawn.

There are all these noises, but they are different from London noise.

In London the noise of jets was continuous, as was the rumble of traffic and the trains.  The same can be said of human activity.  The city hums with a constant drone of noise.

Here each noise is like a single unit, it happens and then passes.  Then there is another noise, and this too passes.  Planes, trains, road vehicles come in single units and pass in single units.  The same is so with human activity, it occurs and ends.


4 responses to “The nature of noise

  1. the melody of life

  2. I am really interested here: so, do you like it or what do you really think? For me, what I really want to know, is, are you happy that you came here? It is such a drastic change.

    • We really like it here, for us it was very much the right decision. It was a big change, not just selling everything in London, moving away from friends and family, but retiring from work as well.

      It is good to appreciate the differences, The change from the continual activity and noise of London to the sounds of a small town in Turkey is just one of the many differences.

      We have been here a little over six months now, it has been a wonderful journey of discovery.

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