Start of Spring Cleaning

Following on from springlike intimations…  Yesterday it was sunny so, as part of our preparations for spring, we went up onto the roof to complete the painting of the roof terrace.  This involved completely emptying out the hut-on-the-roof so we could get to the walls.  We were able to inspect the full extent of the damage the cats have done to the beds up there.  Fortunately we found no dead cats.  They fight – there was a lot of blood – we were seriously psyched up for an encounter with a dead cat.  But it didn’t happen.

We got rid of a lot more stuff.  Old wood, mostly.  None of it stayed anywhere near the bins for long.  Rather worryingly nothing happens when we turn on the tap on the roof.  Hopefully this will not lead to a major plumbing job.  It will, however, be difficult to hose down the roof terrace if it continues to be non-functional.

We finished the painting, the roof terrace looks a lot better.  Soon we should be able to make more use of it.


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