Signs of Spring

We took advantage of a cold and sunny day to spend some time walking near Ephesus.  It may be cold but the sun is rising earlier, today there were some flowers and a few trees with blossom.  It still feels like winter but these are signs of spring, there were other signs as well, birdsong, a Robin perched on a post.  The small birds are bolder – the start of mating season seems to make them so.

And human signs, people preparing for when there are more tourists.  Behind Ephesus is the Grotto of the Seven Sleepers, a church, in ruins now.   There are a few small eateries and cafes close by, closed now, but occupied, being cleaned.  In summer tour buses will stop, probably mostly briefly between longer stops at the Basilica of St John, and the Meryem Ana (Mary House and church).

Today, other than the locals planning for summer, and some people working on farms, mostly tending fruit trees, the whole area of the hill behind Ephesus was quiet.  In several fields mandolin trees were being pruned and the burning trimmings smelt fantastic.  The biggest disturbance was when a whole flock of Jackdaws suddenly took flight with great commotion.  Amongst the flock was a larger bird moving fast, likely a Goshawk or a falcon of some sort, it happened very fast so clear identification was not possible.

Back in the UK, former journal entries for early February do note signs of spring.  Some blossom.  Birds singing.  Light on the way to work.  But this is our first year here so everything feels new.


2 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. Ephesus is the only place in Turkey I have visited I’m ashamed to see though I am considering going on a tour later this year in September.
    I was on a mini cruise in the Aegean about ten years ago. We were visiting places of historical and Biblical interest. I do remember the spectacular ruins there very well and wouldn’t mind going again.

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