Talking about the weather

Well, the snow went, then we had two, glorious days that felt like spring.  Yesterday was greyish but not especially cold then, latish in the evening, there was a tremendous clap of thunder.  The lights went off for an instant, the internet went down for about ten seconds, then everything was restored.  And it poured with rain.  It rained heavily (with occasional thunder) on and off all last night.  Neither of us slept well.

This morning we decided that it would not be a good idea to do the laundry and that we would have to go into town in the rain as we needed to do a bit of supermarket shopping.  We set off with umbrellas but we didn’t need them.  The weather stayed dry.  By the time we got home again it was almost sunny.  We went up onto the roof to set right some things that had been knocked about by wind, rain and cats.  Then we decided to do the washing after all.  It doesn’t take long.  The weather stayed fine whilst the machine ran and the washing was duly hung on the line on the roof.  Then we came in, made a couple of phonecalls on Skype and noticed that the sky was darkening.  We bought the washing in with seconds to spare before the downpour.  We started to iron the pillowcases to dry them (they were almost dry).  Then the power went.  It stayed off for about thirty minutes.  It’s just gone again, though it wasn’t raining or thundering, but that time was only about ten minutes.  We have sheets and pillow cases hanging over the shower rail.  I guess they will dry out eventually.

It seems the sudden or unpredictable changes in weather and power supply matches many other aspects of living in Turkey such as regulations around visas, health insurance, importing goods, and so much more.  It keeps life interesting……

4 responses to “Talking about the weather

  1. Welcome to the Turkish winter! Seriously though, we do get a lot of rain at this time of year but this winter seems worse than others, Much more unpredictable. You might have seen my recent post…my leaky house is causing me nightmares at the moment.

    Stay warm and dry xx

  2. It certainly does keep life interesting and it is the coldest winter for a few years.

    • We have been tracking the weather for the last few years, have detailed graphs of the weather at various points along the coast from Çanakkale to Antalya, So yes, very much the coldest winter for the past few years, and hopefully the coldest for the next few.

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