Daily Archives: January 29, 2012

Walking in January

We took a walk along the forest road to Sirince today, it was cold, but we were well wrapped up.  The road is fairly steep for the first hour or so, quite hard work in places, not something to be done in the heat of summer.  The views back towards Selcuk as we climbed higher were spectacular.  It was fairly clear so we could make out the sea at Pamucak.

Along the way we saw the usual small birds, finches mostly.  There were also jays, various thrushes, and tits.  As usual buzzards were present.  Near the summit of the climb we spotted a falcon.  Probably a peregrine, (it is hard to tell).  The picture was taken on a pocket digicam with maximum zoom, no tripod, of the falcon on top of a pylon.

The road was very muddy in places, and there were a few patches of ice around.  The scenery along nearly all of the walk (which takes about two and a half hours at a leisurely stroll with stops) is great, there are some fantastic views into valleys, over cliffs, of mountains in the distance.

Sirince was quieter than last time we visited, which was a sunny day during Bayram, the carparks were full and the village packed.  Today it was easier to walk around and take a few photographs.  We considered having tea and gozleme, but in the end decided to get the dolmus home and have tea with baklava and homemade biscuits.

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