Just Like Brent Park

Many things are different about living in Turkey as opposed to living in the UK.  Ikea is not one of those differences other than a few changes to the instore cafeteria menu, and being less crowed throughout.  There are 5 branches in Turkey, two in Istanbul, one in Ankara, one in Izmir and one in Bursa.  The Izmir branch is located in Bornova Forum, a retail park with Kipa (Tesco), fashion, electronics, and other stores.

Inside it is the same layout, the showroom with all the same stuff in it, then the warehouse and the huge aisles piled high with goods.  The same yellow bags, the same children’s play park outside, the same catalogue, the same on-line shopping, the same pencils.

We went earlier this week; we wanted a few bits now that our stuff had arrived from the UK.  We had brought some cushions with us, the covers packed tightly, and the foams used to protect delicate stuff.  The frames they fitted on we had abandoned in the UK so needed replacing.  Needless to say we got a few other bits and pieces as well, but we got out in one piece, without losing each other, and without buying things we did not need.

Today they delivered our shopping.  We were initially told the delivery would be Sunday, yesterday we were phoned, advised that it would be today and we would be called again neared the time.  They called again this afternoon, said they would be with us in half an hour.  Soon afterwards they arrived.   We now have our Poang chairs with black leather cushions and footsools.  We have plenty of Ikea pencils and plenty of Ikea allen keys

2 responses to “Just Like Brent Park

  1. Ah, IKEA. The store of choice for the middle class poor everywhere. What would we do without it? We could do wiith one down this way. The six hour round trip to Izmir is a complete pain.

    • The store of choice with the taken early (so much reduced) public sector pensions.

      You can internet shop and get it all delivered so there is no need for the six hour round trip from Bodrum.

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